From Bullets to Books A Tale of Two Towns

Breathing burnt gun powder every morning and reeling from the shots of AK 47 and TT pistol before going to bed, are a big part of my growing up in Lyari. I know more names of Lyari gang war leaders than our national heroes. And I don't feel proud when I say this. I feel sorry. I feel sorry for having to live amidst terror and gore all these years, and not knowing what it is like to be a normal teenager in a normal town, said Mustafa Mughal, 18, resident of Lyari Town Karachi. For nearly half a century, Lyari has seen more young people graduating from roadside goons to gang war kings, than graduating from a formal academic institution. Modern schools


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Inauguration of recently completed school Damba Village

Karachi – His Excellency U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Paul…

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Inauguration of Yousuf Goth school

Karachi - February 3, 2020

U.S. and the Sindh Government Open…


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Inauguration of Yousuf Goth school event

On Monday, February 03, 2020, USAID Mission Director Julie Koenen and…

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