Hafeez Raza Shaikh

The Sindh Basic Education Program is a unique initiative of Government of Sindh and USAID aims at bringing about a paradigm shift in education sector in the vast swaths of Sindh Province.

PMIU, is not only championing the construction of 100 plus state - of the - art schools in various parts of the province, but the revival of libraries, development of reading standards, consolidation of schools, community engagement and capacity building of teachers is also being given attention to reach newer horizons. 

I am thankful to our partners USAID, Community Mobilization Program, Sindh Reading Program and Sindh Capacity Development Program, for their contribution towards modernizing education in Sindh. 

I am lucky to have a motivated and dedicated team at Program Management and Implementation Unit. These ladies and gentlemen have put in all their energies for making this initiative a success story. 

The vision provided by the Education Department, GoS and Program Steering Committee has been an asset to this program. 

Despite facing significant challenges, we will continue to work hard and achieve the targets we have set for ourselves and for the program.

Success Stories

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