Syed Sardar Ali Shah

Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) has been designed to provide access to quality education in Sindh. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sindh are working together to implement this program. It is building up to 120 schools to replace damaged schools in flood affected and other areas of Sindh. The 2010 floods severely affected many schools in the northern districts of Sindh. The mission is to provide child friendly and modern learning environment to sustain students in schools. The program is very promising and the Government of Sindh is grateful to USAID for their generous aid of $155 million dollars. 

With assistance from Education and Literacy Department, we intend to achieve all SBEP’s goals. By the end of its term hopefully quality education would be available and future generation would continue to reap its benefits. Young lives would transform and together, they would create a more Roshan Pakistan!