Construction of Schools


Sustainable development for generations to follow.

Sindh Basic Education Program is supporting Government of Sindh for construction of state of the art child-friendly schools by developing school environments conducive to teaching and learning. Under this program 106 child-friendly schools (1,400 classrooms) will be constructed. The construction of these schools with the necessary provision of facilities shall invariably increase the enrollment of students. 

The 2010 floods affected approximately 5,000 schools in Sindh of which approximately 2,500 schools were completely destroyed. This natural catastrophe hindered the education of thousands of children in Sindh. USAID intends to build approximately 75 schools (900 classrooms) affected by the floods. 

PMIU Progress as of June, 2019

  • Component I: Construction of Schools affected by 2010 floods. SBEP aims to construct 106 state of the art school buildings through Project Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) of Education and literacy departments, Government of Sindh. PMIU has achieved below milestones so far:
  • Out of 106, 65 schools stand completed, progress on construction for remaining schools is underway.
  • 43 are functional with all facilities managed by Education Management Organizations (EMOs)
  • Component II: Support to Government of Sindh Reform Policy to merge, consolidate upgrade schools through construction.
  • 75 schools have been notified as campus schools.
  • 138 School have been merged / consolidated.
  • 28 Schools have been upgraded to the level of high school.
  • 303 schools have been included as neighboring schools in SBEP program.
  • Allocation of Rs. 150,000 to the more than 300 neighboring schools for minor repairs and maintenance
  • Allocation of One time Consolidation Grant to Campus Schools.
  • One time School Consolidation grant of Rupees 1. 6 M averagely is disbursed to the 13 SBEP Schools.
  • Furniture in 39 schools have been supplied so for.
  • 22 schools are electrified with a separate transformer.

Additional Support of E&LD–GoS to the SBEP

  • Timely release of the payments to the PMIU for efficient management and implantation of the program.
  • Allocation of 200M rupees for Furniture for these schools.
  • Encouragement of private sector for Better management of the education system through Education Management Organization under PPP node 2010 act.
  • Allocation of PKR 500 million at the recurrent side of CFY budget for EMOs and 1 billion earmarked in the budget 2016-17.
  • EMOs to manage and improve the functions of SBEP public schools by introducing innovations, modernizing the education system, addressing management gaps, maintaining and upgrading the school buildings and facilities.

Support from Communities to SBEP:

  • Land worth Rs. 49.4 million has been donated by private landowners for 20 government schools in Khairpur, Sukkur, Larkana & Dadu districts
 SBEP Schools Construction ProgressSBEP Schools ConstructionSBEP Schools Construction ProgressSBEP Schools Construction Progress